Robert Bell

Engineering leader focused on building cloud-native services and scalable platforms. A fierce advocate of continuous improvement, observability, and transparency.

Currently the manager of platform engineering at DreamWorks Animation.

What I Do

Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering

Scalable services platforms built on Kubernetes, OpenShift and Docker. On-Prem, in the cloud and hybrid cloud.

Master of Dad Jokes

Always ready with a well-timed joke guaranteed to make any kid 🙄


The only thing more important than strong infrastructure is a strong team. Hire, develop and retain the best people to deliver the best to your customers.

IoT / Home Automation Enthusiast

I love home automation. Are you interested in home automation, security or cord-cutting? Not sure where to start or what works with what? Let's talk.



25 Years of Experience


2012 - Current
DreamWorks Animation

Platform Engineering Manager

Transformed a middleware support team into an agile organization of DevOps practitioners. ◻ Built a rock-solid platform sustaining 2.5 billion HTTP requests per day. ◻ Increased deployment velocity 100x. ◻ Saved developers thousands of hours of work by building a 100% self-service continuous delivery system. ◻ Achieved 99.9% uptime. ◻ Reduced P1 incidents by 10x.

2011 - 2012
The Walt Disney Company

Senior Systems Engineer

Improved developer experience with self-service deployment automation built on Run Deck. ◻ Architected solutions for streaming direct-to-consumer video project. ◻ Created automation, monitoring, and logging solutions for production support.


2017 - Present
Ashford University

B.A. Leadership Development

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership degree emphasizes the theory and practice of leadership through a comprehensive curriculum of industrial and organizational psychology, conflict management, organizational behavior, and strategic management

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